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Tell me a little about what you need, and I'll respond quickly. The cost of my professional service will depend on the nature of your value problem and scope of work necessary to provide you with credible results worthy of certificaiton. 

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If you need a flat rate appraisal service with a written appraisal report disclosing the findings of my research for mortgage underwriting and financing purposes, you can send your request and I will either accept or decline based on my availability to meet your due date. Fees will vary.

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When you need to know the market supported value of a specific property, you need a qualified valuation analyst. Find out about the appraisal development and reporting process.

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As an independent certified residential appraiser, I possess the education and experience to provide credible property value opinions regarding real property. Attorneys, private clients and lending institutions frequently seek my professional expertise. With 33 years of experience in North Shore, North Suburban MA and Southern Rockingham County NH, I'm qualified and prepared to solve a wide diversity of appraisal problems involving numerous property types.  


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